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2018 Seasonal Collection

Create a gifting experience

Looking to make an impact with your seasonal gifting?

Our team of merchandise lovers and creators are always looking for new ways to curate an experience through branded merchandise. By putting a little extra thought into your holiday gifts, you have the opportunity to make the impact last – and to stand out from the crowd.

To make it easier for you, here are our top tips to help make your gifting experience one-of-a-kind:


One simple, and cost-conscious way of creating a thoughtful gifting experience for customers is to add an element of personalization to your gift items. By adding the recipient’s name or unique messaging to bags, stationery, and even travel accessories, you are providing your customer with a thoughtful keepsake, while demonstrating that you (and your brand!) will happily put in extra effort for your most important partners.


When selecting a gift for customers, it’s easy to go for the on-trend or retail-inspired product – and that’s totally cool! But you may have a special customer who merits something a little bit different. For those clients, a hand-crafted gift item speaks to a higher level of authenticity and craftsmanship, and shows the recipient how important their partnership is to you. Our merchandising team regularly attends industry and retail gift fairs and trade shows to meet new vendors specializing in unique and hand-crafted products that are perfect for those one-of-a-kind gifting occasions.

Gifts with Impact

As a partner of many diverse vendors, including WBE and CAMSC members, our team can help source gifts that create impact in different and influential ways. Whether its supporting local Canadian-made merchandise, hand-crafted items from rural indigenous artisans, or contributing to greener manufacturing processes with goods that are sustainably produced, our team has access to many socially responsible gift items that will not only have a positive impact on the recipient, but on the community from which they were procured as well. With more people looking to partner with brands who maintain responsible supply chains, sourcing a gift with impact shows your recipient that your brand cares.

Custom Packaging

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s all in the presentation”? While we think that a thoughtful gift will offer a lot of impact on its own, there is no denying the anticipation and experience that comes with carefully designed packaging for your gifts. The great thing about packaging is that you can go as clean, and simple, or as bold and extravagant as you (and your budget) would like. From charming hanging gift tags and beautifully personalized greeting cards, to intricate custom-designed gift wrap and boxes, there is literally no limit to your options for taking your gifting experience to another level.


If you are looking for the ultimate gifting experience, kitting out a cohesive bundle that encompasses unique messaging, on-trend products, and customized design and packaging could be just what you need. Kits are all about building a connection with the recipient and elevating engagement with your brand. Ideal for not only your executive gifting needs, kits are perfect for onboarding new employees and prospecting new clients as well.

Take a look at this example that we created for Fall…

The Inspo Kit shows how to pack your message with punch. It was designed to show our customers the impact a kit can have when designed with a communication objective in mind. We wanted to inspire recipients with the latest on-trend and retail inspired product, while delivering an end-of-summer, back-to-work boost! We kept the concept and messaging fun and quirky, and created custom packaging and marketing inserts to provide the relevant context.

Kitting possibilities are endless, but fear not, because you have a team of people here at Staples ready to help you narrow it down to just the right one…

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